Meet Foxy!

Foxy is hunting for data, collecting and unifying rich profiles to determine and activate the optimal interaction with an individual, based on both implicit and explicit intent. Captured data powered by a precise profiling algorithm allowing the performance of dynamic real-time personalisation. Foxy is smart...



Having more knowledge about the user improves a marketer's ability to connect. Foxy follows your web and app visitors, collects and unifies user profiles, delivers intelligent decisions, and later activates optimal interactions.
Now marketers can recalculate users' interest rank or engagement based on each action (e.g. click, view, comment, search, like). Information is collected in a single profile and interoperable with other organizational marketing tools (CRMs, data warehouses etc.).


Online identification is made difficult when the user changes devices, uses multiple computers or shares a device with other users. This is when Foxy comes in; by analyzing multiple profiles and merging them based on data from aggregated interactions to make individual profiles.


Smart segmentation is crucial to being prepared for each visitor at each step of the customer journey. This segmentation is based on rules controlled by the marketer; as a result you can be sure that the user receives the right message at the right time in the right place. Only smart fellows can take personalisation to the next level, and Foxy can.

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