What we do

A smart way to automate messaging based on your customer behaviour.

Today there should be set of smart tools used to catch a customer, help them choose a product and sell it. The data gathered from a customer's visit can be connected to your customer purchase history, profile segments and realised for a smart marketing automation. That's what we already do for our clients.

Behavior tracking

Our FOXY script tracks your web/app visitors to understand exactly what they are doing at your shop. This is no longer just theory, but is now practice. Track a customer's exact journey through your store, the viewing of your products and the exact order. And that all important answer to the question of why the customer interrupted their shopping experience and left without buying.


Sendigo's messaging platform collects statistics from earlier message deliveries such as, which links were clicked, in what messages and at what time of day. Using these statistics in conjunction with Foxy data and the purchase history, we can generate individual customer profiles and micro-segments in order to target the most personalised messages to your customers.


Based on the predefined events and real-time data we capture, Sendigo can deliver personalised triggered campaigns and targeted offers. Our team do the creative work, designing templates, testing them on different email clients, and following this up with delivery and feedback dynamics. Yes, you can have 10 or even 40 active triggered campaigns running at the same time, triggered by a specific event in your online shop. We know it's worth investing the time and effort in accurate marketing automation to ensure the best sales results.

It all starts with understanding your current situation, your business area and listening to your vision. That way you will not just get any old generic software, but a real solution that works for you.